Devni Mori

The existence of Buddhists centuries ago in Gujarat. Devni Mori is located two kilometers away from Shamlaji and 20 kilometers away from Bhiloda of Arvalli district.

There were many hills on the banks of the river Meshwo on that time. One of them was named ‘Bharajaraja’s Tekara’. ‘Bhojrajaja’s tekra ‘and the surrounding land were the area of ​​Vihara for the Buddhist Monks of the time. The height of the stup was 85 inches, and there were 36 rooms for the adjoining Buddhist monks. Two bridges of jewelery were found during the research. On one of them, it was written in a Sanskrit language that ‘this construction was designed by Agnivarma Sudarshan and it was constructed by a king named Rudrasen’. At that time, this supreme stupa was in Kshatriya time. Such stoopes were also found in Sindh (eastern India before India) and Takshashila.

These stupas appear to be shown above that the time was a science progressive and great. Around 272 iron pieces of Buddhist times were found around the stupa. It is believed to be the third century. pottery, pictorial stone etc. were obtained from here.

How to Reach :

By Air

Nearest airport is Ahmedabad (125km).

By Train

There are local trains that operate daily and are only suitable for traveling from Modasa to Nadiad.

By Road

There are regular buses from other major cities of the country to Shamlaji. Bus Station: Shamlaji