District Planning Office

Overall activities carried out by District Planning Office

District Planning Office, Arvalli carried out Primary approval, Administrative approval (after care full examination of submission of technical sanction at authorized level), Grant allocation related all accounting activities and deposits unspent amount after receiving completion certificate from Implementing agencies of various schemes like 15 % Vivekadhin General/Schedule caste, 5% Incentives, Vivekadhin Nagarpalika, Under District Administration Collector/District Development Officer, District Level, 49-Developing Talukas,National Festival, Aapno Taluko Vibrant Taluko (ATVT), Member of Legislative Assembly fund, Member of Local Area Development Scheme, Boarder Area Development Programme.

Moreover, Pilgrimage and Tourism related all activities and Taluka development plan carried out all activities.

Activities carried out in 2018-2019

Grant allocation under various schemes like 15 % Vivekadhin General Rs. 742.50 Lakh,15 % Vivekadhin TASP Rs.45 Lakh, 15 % Vivekadhin SCSP Rs. 70.00 Lakh and 5% incentives schemes 17.50 Lakh carried out.
Under district level schemes allocated Rs 150.00 Lakh for works like irrigation, water, Sanitation, electrification, Road, and Health which benefits two or more Talukas. Under District Administration System allocated Rs 50.00 Lakh to District Collector and Rs 50.00 Lakh to District Development Officer for development works and 25.00 Lakh for each Nagar Palika.

  1. Each Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) recommends Rs 150.00 Lakh for each year for locally important community development related works which sums Rs 450.00 Lakh for Three MLA of Arvalli district whereas Member of LokSabha recommended Rs 500.00 Lakh for each year and Member of Rajya Sabha recommended 500.00 Lakh for developing works.
  2. Under ATVT general scheme Rs. 856.00 Lakh and Rs 64.00 Lakh for ATVT schedule caste scheme and Rs.155.00 Lakh for ST schedule cast scheme allocated to respective Prant officer.
  3. Under National Festival scheme Rs 25 Lakh for district level celebration and Rs 5.00 Lakh for each Taluka villages where Taluka level celebration were done which sums 50.00 Lakh for each national festivals like 26th January and 15th August.

District Human Development Plan prepared for Talukas for Human development Index for Financial Year 2018-19.

Sr. No. Scheme Name Allocated Amount (Lakh)
1. 15 % Vivekadhin Scheme 1157.5
2. 5 % Incentives 17.50
3. MLA fund 450.00
4. MPLADS 500.00
5. 49 Developing Talukas N.A
6. BADP N.A.
7. National Festival 100.0
8. ATVT 1075.00
Total   3300


Address:District Planning Office,Jilla Seva Sadan, Modasa, Arvalli, Gujarat-383315
Phone No: 02774-250217