About District

Based on notification no. GHM / 2013/69 / M / PFR / 102013/139 / 2-1 of Revenue Department, dated 13/08/2013 to 15/08/2013, New Aravali district has been carved from Sabarkantha district and its headquarters has been Modasa (under Section-7 of Gujarat LC Code 1879).

A total 06 Talukas are included in Aravalli district. These are as : Modasa, Bayad, Dhansura, Bhiloda, Malpur and Meghraj.

Thereafter, Notification No. GHM / 2013/77/2013 / PFR / 102013/139 / 2-1 of the Revenue Department, Dated 15/08/2013, as per the declared list, 17 villages of Bhiloda taluka have been included in Himmatnagar taluka (Sabarkantha district) and Jumsar and Munai two villages are included in Ider taluka. There are 145 villages in Bhiloda taluka.

Overview of the District

Arvalli district is in the heart of the Aravalli hill range and it is famous for its Forestry and natural beauty. As well as ancient pilgrims and historic monuments, pilgrims like Tirthatham Shamlaji situated on the banks of the river Meshwo are situated.

Shamlaji means the pilgrimage of Kaliya Thakor. Shamlaji is a unique pilgrimage with natural beauty among the green grove in the Aravalli hill range adjacent to the Gujarat border in Bhiloda taluka of Aravalli district. Every year on Kartiki Poonam / Dev Diwali grand fair is organized in Shamlaji.This grand fair is a reflection of the whole tribal community.

Shamlaji Vishnu temple and its surrounding has been developed under the Tourist Destination Development Scheme, conducted by the state government as part of the celebration of the tourism year 2008-09. The grant about Rs. 560.12 lakhs have been allocated and action has been taken by the district administration to develop famous pilgrimage site as an attractive pilgrimage center. Zanzari Falls in Bayad Taluka has a prominent identity as a pragmatic beauty pageant.

There are large reserves of minerals in Dhanasura and Bayad talukas,so that there is better development of the quarry industry in this district. Cooperative Jean has also originated, mainly due to the special crop of cotton. This district, which is full of beautiful tourist sites and specialties, has predominantly tribal population, in the Bhiloda and Meghraj talukas. Forests, rivers, mountains, ponds, and mythological architectures are very valuable.

The prominent culture, customs, charms and festivals of Vanvasi tribal people living in the natural heart of the district have a prominent identity. The Government has been moving towards all-round development in the weaker economic, social and educational sectors of tribal and tribal people.

VidyaPurush Umashankar Joshi was born in Bamna village of Bhiloda taluka and has given valuable contribution in literature.

Record promulgation is started by Aravali district, which is the first in the whole state. The Khambhisar village of Modasa taluka is developed with the information related to the main stone and became the sampling center of re-surveys related work.

Solar Park has been erected at Khadoda and Bhatkota in Modasa taluka of the district. The Solar Park has created employment opportunities for more than 200 people of nearby villages. It is also possible to provide electricity to about 20,000 households. This solar park will benefit more than 150 villages.

District specialties

  1. The main occupation of the district is agriculture and animal husbandry.
  2. Important crops include maize, wheat, chickpea, mustard, millet, cotton etc.
  3. A total of 06 Talukas are included in the district. (Modasa, Bayad, Dhansura, Bhiloda, Malpur and Meghraj).
  4. Total villages are 676 and the total population is 9,08,797.
  5. Important minerals include grit, grit, metal.
  6. The rivers Vatrak, Meshwo, Mazum, Shedhi, Indrashi, Sakri etc. are passed through the district.
  7. Modasa and Bayad are urban areas and municipalities exist in these two cities.
  8. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya is located in Dhanusura.
  9. Dhansura taluka’s Vadagam,Jaswantpura, Simili, Rajpur, Akrund area have been developed as quarry industry.
  10. Bayad Taluka’s Sathamba, Pagiya na Muvada, Bordi, Vatrak area have been developed as quarry industry.

The district is in the forefront in the field of education.